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I am LOVING the 4me2realize software!!!!!

With your amazing guidance with setting it up, and the ease of use of the software itself, it has been so much fun getting to know what is important to me. It is funny, I actually thought I knew already that.. but this is really highlighting somethings I never noticed before.

The daily (welll… almost!) entries I am making are really showing me the time I have been spending doing things that are in not in alignment with my purpose, and my vision for the future. I have been able to say goodbye to a few habitual things that don’t serve me just because I “realized” what I was doing each day out of habit !! I never thought it would be quite so efficient so early.

I have definitely had some a-ha moments.. My only wish is I had started this years ago!! Bit it is really making a differnce right now, so that is what is improtant !! Onward an upward !!! And thank YOU so much for your amwzing support. Our times on the phone and email have been great fun !!! You are a guardian angel for those of us who were a little lost prior to finding you.

PS – One of the things I love about thi sis it is so visual!! I can SEE instantlywhat is happening and what changes are taking place, rtaher than sifting through old hand-written journals! So very time-efficient!!

Tracey Forde, Business owner and I.T Executive
I think it is soooo exciting! I just love that I’ll be able to have everything in the one place. I also love how the system walks and guides people through it – it really demystifies everything and would help so many people define their life’s purpose and take practical steps towards aligning what they do day to day with that greater purpose.. It really makes it more accessible.
Renée, Change Manager, Canberra, Australia
I am big on planning things in my life and regularly develop up goals and action plans to achieve things that are important to me. 4me2realize is an amazing tool to guide you through the development of a ‘road map’ for your life!

It is so much easier to have a program that takes you through things step by step rather than trying to map things out on a blank sheet of paper! And you get support too!

I love that it is online and therefore accessible wherever I go, and that I can review the things I have entered in a simple format – which means I can look back and see the progress I am making! And this keeps me excited about life!! Keep up the great work Anti Chaos Systems!

Emily Harrison, Executive Director, Innovaid, Mumbai, India.
I actually walked around the block this afternoon, how about that? And have been working on my “4me2″ which is starting to keep me on the straight & narrow. It takes a little to get used to, so I have to refer to the manual from time to time. But it does get you to think about what you are doing, rather than writing a ‘to do’ list. In particular I believe it could be useful in training individual business owners and managers. And of course, just about everyone else as well.
John Spurgin, Business owner,

aged 76 still working full time and loving life!

Wow – you guys are rockin’!! And I would love to be part of it – I have been really enjoying 4me2realize. Cheers
Tara Hewitt BSc, LLM, Grad Cert Mgt, Cert IV Life Coaching