• How to create your life purpose
  • Realize your dreams
  • The Anti-Chaos shopping System
  • Why goal setting fails

Help and support

There are lots of ways to get help, pick the one that suits you best.

  • My manual is included in the application as a printable PDF. Look for it on the left hand side menu items.
  • On-line help – There is an on-line help button on every screen that gives you the functions of all the items on the screen as you see it, so help with whatever you are looking at is immediately available and specific to what you are doing.
  • By Phone – Ring +61 2 6273 4388 during working hours (Australian Eastern Standard Time). Your phone support is FREE when you use 4me2realize.

In addition, every feature in the software is there because it has been proven to work. Hundreds of experts have written about goal setting, life design and contemplative journaling. This systems incorporates all these proven strategies into one, easy to use, integrated, web accessible software system

  • Your driving, inspiring, motivating and meaningful life purpose, your dreams and visions of a better life, with
  • Your goals and projects, what you do every day, with
  • Your contemplative reflection, in an exciting process of self evaluation and improvement.