• How to create your life purpose
  • Realize your dreams
  • The Anti-Chaos shopping System
  • Why goal setting fails

What if you had laser focus on what you wanted and everyday you were making it happen effortlessly by design? This is not a dream, you can do it. But you have to know how.

4me2realize incorporates the habits of highly successful people like Anthony Robbins, Stephen Covey and Brian Tracey…

4me2realize incorporates the habits of highly successful people and guides you through a process of integrating them into your daily life. This is goal setting on steroids because it has the essential support that traditional goal setting misses. Whatever you want, this is an easier, faster way to make it happen, in your life.

Using 4me2realize makes it achievable by combining the very best of online technology with well accepted modern psychology.On the internet, on your iphone, blackberry, or ipad. To login from your mobile,go towww.4me2realize.com/mobile.

You can play the game of life and win, but you have to get off the sidelines. 4me2realize is interactive. It is NOT a CD, DVD or workbook, something PASSIVE you read, forget and gathers dust.With 4me2realize you get actively involved as you build the life of your dreams…you can use it forever.

Imagine a virtual life coach online, anywhere, anytime. 4me2realize interacts with you to get clear on who you want to be, design your life and realize your potential everyday.

Coaching is one of the biggest growing services today as we strive for success in an increasingly competitive world. Coaches and mentors use proven methods to help people realize their potential. You can do the same. Many coaches use 4me2realize with their clients (you can find them on our web site). With or without a coach, 4me2realize helps you tap into the understanding to vastly accelerate results in your life.

4me2realize creates an environment where you look at your life, your thoughts, behavior and actions, from a new perspective. You are guided to re-evaluate and become aware of making the changes that will deliver the life you want.

STOP being overwhelmed by an endless, soul destroying TO DO list. This system streamlines the process of designing the life you want so you are motivated and inspired, which means no fluff. Just a simple system that delivers the results you want. And it’s so easy and fun you’ll stick to it and love your “ME” time.



Most people are busy, going nowhere. 4me2realize helps you get clarity on what’s important, so you can let go of the busy stress and get focused on results.

What you DO ultimately defines WHO you become. This is critical! The WHO comes first. Most conventional goal setting tools don’t dothis. Without this you are on a treadmill.The destination comes first. The endless, depressing and ultimately unachievable and de-motivating TO DO list that makes you feel busyness, but not achievement is a dead giveaway! And if you do achieve your TO DO List, it leaves you unfulfilled because it has not lead you to the achievement of any GRAND and defined Purpose that is aligned totally with WHO you are and WHO you want to become.


Start with who do you want to be?

Don’t waste another precious minute of your life. Use this online, anywhere, anytime system to get fully conscious and active on what you want in YOUR life.

4me2realize guides you through creating a driving, inspiring Life Purpose and then helps you to live everyday according to your visionary, inspiring purpose, things like;

  1. Who you need to be to achieve your purpose?
  2. What you must avoid to achieve your purpose?
  3. What goals you need to do to achieve your purpose?
  4. An automatic reminder system to keep you on track,sms and emails
  5. A journal keeps you focused, linked to purpose, goals, and projects
  6. Your life on a page makes it easy to track your Progress
  7. A great way to remember the magic that happens in your life,
  8. And a personal reference of your life’s wisdom.

And it’s not like any other software you’ve ever used for achieving your Life Purpose and Goals. Why?

Simply, every feature in the software is there because it has been proven to work. Hundreds of experts have written about Life Design, Goal Setting and Contemplative Journaling. This system incorporates all these proven strategies into one, easy to use, integrated, web accessible software system.There is simply nothing else like this on the internet.


Save Thousands of Dollars

You can spend thousands of dollars learning life improvement strategies and still not make any progress. How many books and CD’s and DVD’s are on your shelf gathering dust now? You just use 4me2realize regularly. It is not a formula, it is a system that allows you to design your life your way. Because at the end of the day, it’s between you and you. 4me2realize will help you work out your personal system that works for you and you ONLY.

It is unique because;

  1. 4me2realize combines 3 powerful self improvement strategies, designing and applying a Life Purpose, Goal setting and journaling. Goal setting on its own is not enough!
  2. 4me2realize puts them together in an online database that can be used anywhere, anytime.
  3. The design of 4me2realize links your Life Purpose with Goal setting with journaling, just like life, they overlap and interlink.
  4. Traditional Journaling’s chronological limitations are overcome by 4me2realize because it organizes information BOTH by date and subject giving people great clarity, focus and power in their life design.
  5. These links help people get alignment and congruence between how they think and behave.
  6. It helps people orchestrate their lives in meaningful, satisfying ways.
  7. It is simple, fun and easy to use and people stay with it.
  8. Right from the first establishment step, people can clearly see it’s benefits in their lives.
  9. You will actually come to look forward to your 4me2realize time each day.
  10. It does not gather dust on a bookshelf after the event or after you’ve read it, you live it everyday.
  11. It is not expensive, your real investment is time and commitment for a better life.


What is stopping you?

To be successful at anything, all you need to do is think and act in a way that achieves the outcome you desire.

It is harder than it sounds because we all have unconscious thinking and behavior patterns. We are all, more or less, on auto pilot. To get what you want you have to turn off the auto pilot, consciously changing the way you think. How do you do this? Maybe it’s been sabotaging you for years? 4me2realize can help. As you use it you become aware and then consciously change. It will help you understand yourself and guide you to implement proven improvement strategies into your life.

4me2realize streamlines the process of designing the life you want. It will educate you as you progress on;

  1. Modern psychology that helps us understand how to harness and change our behavior to achieve results.
  2. About yourself, what makes you tick, what motivates and depresses you and how you can use this to achieve the Life of your Dreams….


It’s all about you!

You’ll go on a journey of discovery, about yourself. Here’s a sneak peak at what you’ll discover in 4me2realize :

  1. How to create a Life Purpose that inspires and motivates you to achieve your goals and projects with less effort or discipline.
  2. How to identify the thoughts and actions that sabotage your good intentions.
  3. What is incongruence and how to recognize it and how to stop it stalling your decisions and actions.

How different would your life be if you could do this on a daily basis?


4me2realize will provide you with 4 simple ways to;

  1. Make sure your life, your agenda, is always aligned with your guiding and inspiring Life purpose.
  2. Never waste time on dead end tasks with an easy to use guiding system that helps you achieve perfect alignment of the life of your dreams with the reality you live now.
  3. Feel a sense of achievement and elation when you complete the tasks that will deliver you the life you envisage.
  4. Clearly see the balance you achieve in your life.


4me2realize uses advanced technology and unique software design to connect the important elements of you life;

  1. Your driving, inspiring, motivating and meaningful life purpose, your dreams and visions of a better life, with
  2. Your goals and projects, what you do every day, with
  3. Your contemplative reflection, in a never ending process of self evaluation and improvement.


Use 4me2realize and it’s 6 proven steps to;

  1. Plan, get and keep the life of your dreams.
  2. Incorporate the driving, inspiring “WHY” into your daily focus.
  3. Make every day TO DO list a thing of the past as you skip through the day eager to achieve your goals.
  4. Celebrate what you achieve and create momentum for achieving more.
  5. Getting rid of overwhelm and anxiety when there appears to be too much to do.
  6. Getting razor sharp clarity and focus on WHY AND WHAT you must do.


4me2realize has some fantastic features that make sure the magic and life lessons of the journey don’t get lost, but are always remembered and applied in your life.

  1. By using 4me2realize you create a reference of all your wisdom, insights, learned lessons that will stay with you and can be used again to stop you repeating bad habits or making poor decisions or the same mistake twice! (don’t we all hate that!)
  2. You also make a compilation of all those Magic Moments that motivate, touch and inspire you. This will become a constant source of personal momentum and celebration of the joy and happiness and MAGIC in your life!

AMAZING! Discover what motivates you and what slows you down and how to apply this understanding to everything you do so you can easily achieve your goals.


4 proven strategies for;

  1. Using contemplation or reflection to help you get better at achieving your goals.
  2. Creating a life purpose to inspire and motivate you to overcome the everyday hurdles and challenges.
  3. Helping you recognize your own character strengths and weaknesses that are contributing to your successes and failures.
  4. Align everything you do with an overall life purpose that puts you in charge of your life and helps you set your own agenda.

This is a valuable and powerful way to make sure the things you do will create the person you want to be, rather than letting life dictate what you will become. Design and then live the life of your dreams.


Procrastination, forgetfulness and clutter cutter!

We are all guilty of procrastination, forgetfulness and lives chocker-block full of clutter. These things all take you away from achieving your goals. How do you cut through it? 4me2realize has a powerful reminder feature that uses mobile phone and email messages to become your own personal “Drill Master.” Never get away with excuses again. You see 4me2realize is working with you….


Have you been looking for this for ages?

This software will help show you how to build a sustaining vision for who you want to be and what you want to achieve that makes overcoming obstacles natural and easy.

4me2realize is your secret weapon for incorporating the BIG picture into the small details that you must do every day. And that’s just a fraction of what you’ll find out in 4me2realize.

All you need is a credit card, no special internet accounts or anything like that. And it’s totally secure. Your credit card data is passed directly to the bank and no one but the bank has access to your sensitive information.


What’s a resource like this worth?

To have someone do all this research for you would normally cost you around $35 thousand (I should know, that’s what it cost me!). Or a personal coach, which can range from very limited contact to total immersion, anywhere from $50 – 1000′s a month.

Writing this software has cost me $100′s of thousands. (I know this too, because I am a software developer that has been writing software and running a software company all of my life – well most of it!) We have used advanced technology to allow anywhere, anytime, online access, and that sort of technology requires a considerable up-front investment.

This software has been designed using very modern, fast and robust technology that the banks and even Defense Departments use. It has super secure encryption, yet you can access it anywhere you go through the internet.

It is a combination modern psychology, goal setting, life design and journaling, utilizing the power and accessibility of an on-line DATABASE, a powerful tool that you can start using quickly and easily today.

Everything is explained in PLAIN English in a massively friendly and fun manual. Which means it’s dead-easy to read and understand. And it’s logically laid out. The system uses browser based commands that you already know how to use from being on the internet. And you become part of a community of users with support letters and help sent regularly to help you.

4me2realize is an on-line application, which means anywhere there’s an internet connection, you’re on! And no conflicts with any other applications, because it doesn’t interfere with them at all.


Technical requirements

There’s not a lot! It is so simple. You need Internet Explorer 6.0 or later and Broadband Internet connection.

You just get a password and username and get started. That’s because you are using the software on the internet. And you can’t lose your information because it is stored securely on servers that are backed up and taken care of for you. Finally, your information is super secure. Only you have the password and access.


What is a better life worth?

Can you afford 4me2realize? What is your life worth? Click on the Buy now button to view our current value. This system has a premium value because it is a quality product. You can get lots of free and cheap systems on the web. This is not one of those. This is what’s included;

What do you get?

  • Unlimited use of 4me2realize, all functions, features, modules, you get everything. We don’t believe in giving you a little. We are totally committed to transforming your life.
  • Always online and available.
  • Unlimited SMS and email reminders.
  • All updates and upgrade as they are released, instantly and immediately.
  • Full 50 page manual in well written, plain English.
  • Online help.
  • Online video tutorials
  • Full support by email and phone with real people who really care
  • Full learning resources sent by email to guide you through using 4me2realize
  • Encouragement and motivational inspiration to help you establish 4me2realize
  • Total security with protected passwords and password changes
  • Total certainty with FULL backup services. You cannot lose your information. Lose you laptop, yes, but not your 4me2realize.
  • Mini book, how to Create Your Life Purpose.
  • Mini book Using Systems to Achieve Integration.
  • Access to hundreds of affiliated Life Coaches and their resources, free offers, books, CD’s and DVD’s.
  • Invitations to seminars, workshops, webinairs.

What you don’t get;

  • A time management system… this is life management. When you have your life managed, time management gets easier. You probably have a time management system you like anyway.
  • Something you set and forget, this requires your involvement, you grow with it. Set and forget doesn’t work for life management, unless you don’t have a life (I’ve met people like that….)
  • Something that gathers dust. You can use this forever, it works better that way.
  • Something that loses relevancy or goes out of fashion, your life will always be relevant to you.
  • A dictator, this has structure but how you use it is up to you.
  • Hefty on-going fees. The on-going fees are minimal compared to your initial investment.
  • Forgotten. We are available, online and by phone, we want to hear from you. We care about your progress.
  • First time system developers. Nup. We’ve been writing software for 20+ years. This is a quality system from experienced heads.
  • Cheated. 60 day 100% money back guarantee. info@4me2realize.com
  • Flaky. This is practical, commonsense, no fluff, proven psychology and technology.

4me2realize is more than goal setting. It is a total life management system. You get a complete system, community and support. Honestly, we throw everything at achieving your success.

Subscribe, get a password, and get going!

A year’s subscription gives you the time to really make an impact on your life. We want this software to really deliver, but it will take time and commitment. We find that within the first eight weeks people have gained tremendous insights into themselves and the world they have created around them. And they love their 4me2realize time!

Your subscription includes;

Included BONUS #1: “E-book How to Realise your Dreams”

Ebook How to realize your dreams

This amazing e-book is all about the philosophy behind successfully achieving the life of your dreams. You’ll discover:

  • How to align the life you want with the everyday tasks you do.
  • How to recognise what is holding you back.
  • How to use the things that motivate you to achieve results faster and easier. This book gives you a fantastic insight into the thinking that has been incorporated into the 4me2realize software. And it is very motivating.

Included BONUS #2: 4me2realize E-Guide

Ebook User Guide

You get a 50+ page e-guide on how to use the software that goes into the detailed background of why and how 4me2realize works. You’ll get

  • Fantastic tips, tricks and short cuts.
  • Careful explanations.
  • Clear readable English.
  • Humor ☺ very important
  • Every function explained in detail through words and screen shots.

Included BONUS #3: 4me2realize upgrades forever

That’s right, your software will be upgraded automatically as long as you are a subscriber. Some companies charge more for this. We don’t. We want you to have the best software we can make, we want you to be super happy, so of course we want you to have the most up-to-date software version. This is one of the super advantages of working with an on-line application. While you sleep, we can upgrade your software and make improvements. You don’t need to do anything. Every time we upgrade the software, you’ll get these improvements immediately and instantly.

And best of all, your suggestions are the inspiration for all our improvements.

Included BONUS #4: 4me2realize Unlimited Support

Anytime, anywhere we will respond to your email. No question is too much. We want to really get you on track to a better life. To realize your potential, to fulfil your true and wonderful destiny. But there might be some hurdles, or confusion, or challenges with the software. We don’t want this to stop you. All you have to do is send us the details at info@4me2realize.com and within a maximum of 24 hours we will respond.

Normally software vendors charge extra for support services. These charges can be quiet large ranging from tens to hundreds of dollars! But this can be a big disincentive, especially when you are just getting started and you only want a little help…

We know that your questions will also help us improve our software so we want you to ask for support. ☺ We are real people with real passion for helping people.Wishing you a wonderful life realizing your dreams!


4me2realize Team

P.S. Don’t forget, you’re getting more than just 4me2realize, you are joining a community of like minded people dedicated to improving themselves and their lives, and therefore the lives of the people around them.

When you surround yourself with peers committed to improvement, it makes it a lot easier to step up.

P.P.S, We also offer Free seminars and low cost workshops designed to help you achieve using 4me2realize.


Compare it with conventional goal setting systems, it soon makes sense, 4me2realize offers massive value.

It is so much more than goal setting.


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