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To login from your mobile, type in www.4me2realize.com/mobile

4me2realize is mobile! Now you can stay laser focused on creating the life you want anywhere you go. 4me2realize is iPhone ready and can also be accessed via any other internet enabled PDA such as Blackberry, HTC etc.

True to our promise to our Realizers, we’ve created a dedicated mobile login to the web-application. Convenient and hassle free. Your busy schedule will not get in your way of using 4me2realize because it’s in your pocket.

Journal when you’re on the road or when or where ever you feel motivated. Seek inspiration whenever you need it, keep on track with your projects even when you’re not at a computer.

You can immediately record and keep words of wisdom without fearing you’lllose that piece of paper or that bit of memory in your mind.

On the train? Waiting for the bus? Cruising on the French Riviera? No matter where you are in the world, your trusty 4me2realize web application is always there.

4me2realize – your integrated, interactive, online virtual life coach.