• How to create your life purpose
  • Realize your dreams
  • The Anti-Chaos shopping System
  • Why goal setting fails

Info evening 2hrs Melbourne CBD 4pm Thursday 7 April 2011

Turn it upside down! A new approach to creating your ideal life


You’re invited to a fun, feisty and informative free evening that exposes the critical 3 things people need to know to achieve life goals and turns upside down some conventional thinking on achievement!

If  you’re de-motivated by never ending to-do lists, have rejected goal setting, or ever felt a lack of clarity or focus about what you should be doing with your life, this information evening will resonate. Especially relevant for the always busy over achiever. If you don’t have time, you MUST attend!

Any form of success, achievement and fulfilment, whether it is wealth, health, relationships, career or business, are based on core foundation strategies that anyone can do. If you are stuck, there are ways to make it easier. Come and find out how. These foundation strategies are like springboards to success in ALL areas of your life….

Exuberant host Castaly Lombe will share tried and true, practical and useful methods people can use to achieve life goals as well as modern tools and systems, like the internet, iphone applications and modern psychology.

“Goals are just part of a more complete picture of what the whole person becomes as they make this journey called life,” she said.

Borrowing from the super successful, like Anthony Robbins, Stephen Covey and Brian Tracey Mrs Lombe will show people strategies that work, systems that help, methods available. Most people do life goals without these critical support elements, New Year’s Resolutions are a good example, most fail.

P.S. SHOCK HORROR, alive and kicking, “lab rats” who tried, survived and thrived using these strategies will be present to discuss their experiences…. we know it’s politically incorrect but we ran trials on real people!

Evening session Thursday 7 April 4-6pm, light refreshments

Workshop Session Friday 8 April 12 – 4pm – invitation only

RSVP & put it in your diary now, limited numbers

Venue Intersystems Boardroom, Unit 11, 663 Victoria Street, Abbotsford, VIC 3067

Please let us know you’re attending, RSVP FREECALL 1300 344 070

Free gift for every participant. Numbers limited to 25.

Come and share with exuberant public speaker and software system design Company Director Castaly Lombe exploring why we often fail to implement the things we know will improve our lives, and how we can create the life we want.

Mrs Lombe will cover;

  • Why goal setting mostly fails and we hate it
  • Why integrating a system into your life makes achievement easier and faster.
  • Discipline = freedom
  • Why a life purpose is essential – get a destination
  • What you do = who you are, why setting goals is more than a list
  • Goals are not getting stuff, it’s going on a journey of experiences
  • What sort of goals you should set
  • Why writing a journal helps accelerate self development and self awareness
  • How using structure will empower your journaling
  • How asking good questions and slowing down your thinking will help
  • How to change life balance from a conflict to a conversation
  • How to move from a guilt trap to a gift
  • Strategies to develop conscious awareness and change habits
  • The price for the full truth and why you must pay
  • The benefits of indulging in silence, solitude and stillness
  • How to do it all in one place .

NO hard sell – infact we have a gift for you. Light refreshments provided.

“For too long I struggled knowing what I should do but unable to consistently apply what I knew. Now there is a way that is EASY to create a total, holistic life management system that feels great!”

Come and share with exuberant public speaker and software system design Company Director Castaly Lombe exploring why we often fail to implement the things we know will improve our lives, and how we can create the life we want.


Also available 


Exuberant public speaker and AntiChaos Systems Director, Castaly Lombe is available to speak at events and regularly facilitates workshops and seminars. With 20+ years experience in media & politics, the system building business, leading and building teams, she brings a wealth of experience, insights and humor to events as well as practical strategies you can take away to create life on your terms and improve your current life management success. 

Are your goals on paper and not in your life? Languishing in your guilt room? How using systems accelerates success.
This FREE seminar is information PACKED + everyone gets a gift. 

Small personal workshops & seminars are held regularly in capital cities. Free trial included and all the explanations you’ll ever need. Plus a special bonus for every participant. 

Don’t put it off, your life is precious so kick start your 4me2realize journey with this fun workshop today.  

Ring 1300 344 070 to register your interest and get exact details on dates and venue.  

We would love to hear from you. These workshops are FREE.  

At the workshops you will quickly and easily find out how to use 4me2realize and how it helps you integrate all aspects of your life in one easy system.  

Find out how 4me2realize is unique because it is mobile, online and allows you to align your Life’s Purpose with Goal Getting, Journaling and NLP behavioural analysis. Find out how this can make your life easier and less stressful.  

This software differs from standard goal setting because it asks you first to define your Life Purpose and then who you need to be to achieve this Purpose.  

There is a special segment on creating a life purpose and a Bonus Free booklet that helps you with this critical and foundation task. From this the rest flows with a lot of fun, music, stories and food and drinks included.  

Intrigued yet?  

With 4me2realize, you can create a meaningful, rich, happy life. It doesn’t need to be drudgery, let us show you how to create a life that is fun and delivers your dreams.

“Success is easier when you are motivated by passionate, driving, inspiring & visionary Life Purpose.” 

Cosy Class    

4me2realize has 7 shortcuts for;
1. Easily tracking what you do
2. Aligning everything you do with you Life’s Purpose
3. Using Journaling to achieve clarity
4. Minimising things that stop or Slow you down
5. Maximising motivators that help & Drive you forward
6. Create habits of enlightenment as you contemplate your life
7. Realizing WHY you want something so that it is easy

Come and join us in this journey of Self Discovery and Personal Development.   

Every attendee gets a free trial of 4me2realize!   

RSVP by ringing 1 300 344 070 or email us, click here .