• How to create your life purpose
  • Realize your dreams
  • The Anti-Chaos shopping System
  • Why goal setting fails



The software covers nearly everything you need to know about creating a driving, inspiring purpose and how to live everyday according to that visionary purpose, things like:

  • Who you need to be to achieve your purpose
  • What drives you to make goal getting easy
  • What you must avoid to achieve your goals
  • What goals and projects you need to do to achieve your purpose
  • An automatic reminder system to keep you on track
  • A journal to keep you focused and aligned to you purpose, goals, and projects
  • A easy to use systems to track your Progress
  • A great way to remember the magic moments in your life
  • A tool to quickly create a personal reference of your life’s wisdom that you could use every day.

In addition, every feature in the software is there because it has been proven to work. Hundreds of experts have written about goal setting, life design and contemplative journaling. This systems incorporates all these proven strategies into one, easy to use, integrated, web accessible software system

  • Your driving, inspiring, motivating and meaningful life purpose, your dreams and visions of a better life, with
  • Your goals and projects, what you do every day, with
  • Your contemplative reflection, in an exciting process of self evaluation and improvement.

For your eyes only

4me2realize is web-based software and for your eyes only. You can access it anywhere you go through the internet and it is more secure than having it on a personal laptop. At the moment, 4me2realize is compatible with Internet Explorer 6 and above. It is a culmination of a lot of what modern psychology teaches us about goal setting, life design and journaling, COMBINED with the power and accessibility of a private DATABASE in a software tool that you can start using quickly and easily

4me2realize has 7 shortcuts for

  • Easily tracking what you want, with what you do
  • Aligning everything you do with your Life’s Purpose
  • Using Journaling to achieve clarity
  • Minimising things that stop or slow you down
  • Maximising motivators that help & drive you forward
  • Creating habits of enlightenment as you contemplate your life
  • Realizing WHY you want something so that it is easy and fun to achieve