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Meet Jane Anyone

She’s a regular girl.

A single mom in the ‘burbs’

With high aspirations

And a secret advantage

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Jane is a 32 year old single mother. She lives in a leafy suburb with her 8 year old daughter Emily and they both enjoy long walks with their 3 year old miniature Poodle, Cherrie.

Jane works as an Accountant in Melbourne 5 days a week.

She’s been toying with the idea of running an online Organic Skincare & Cosmetics business full time from home so that she can be with Emily.

She has an organic vege garden in her backyard and volunteers with Emily on weekends at the local RSPCA.

She also enjoys travelling and loves a good book. She has a penchant for good coffee and wine.


My eternal motivating Purpose is to be the force for good to help people understand their capacity and the gifts that they have been bestowed upon to make this world a better place for the future generations with more consideration, love, respect, kindness and awareness.


Assist people and enable myself to make this world a better place.