• How to create your life purpose
  • Realize your dreams
  • The Anti-Chaos shopping System
  • Why goal setting fails


This is how it works

To see how 4me2realize works we have invented 2 ordinary imaginary people and created 4me2realize for them. It’s fascinating. You can actually see how the software works for John Anyone and Jane Anyone and have a little perve at their lives! Don’t worry, it’s purely fictional. And if you just want to see the software, there’s a plain demo below too. 

4me2realize is made up of 3 main elements (and then some!).

  • Know your Life Purpose and Core Identity (Knew) and
  • Align Goals & Projects (Do) and
  • Track and review through the Journal (Review)

The 3 step, Knew, Do, Review is very different to traditional goal setting. This is more accurately a Life Management System.

You create the life you want using 4me2realize. You use 4me2realize to keep it all organised. You constantly refer to 4me2realize to keep yourself on track. It requires YOUR involvement, participation and commitment. Your reward is you can see it working in your life as you realize your full potential.

Have you experienced this?

  • Written your goals down and never looked at them again?
  • Created goals you never achieved?
  • Hated the goal setting process?
  • Strived to achieve goals that didn’t excite you?
  • Forgotten your goals or/and lost track of them?
  • Used complex goal setting tools that took longer to do that actually achieving the goal would?
  • Given up completely!

That’s because most goal setting systems miss 3 critical elements. 

Setting goals without a Life Purpose is like driving a car without a steering wheel.

So 4me2realize starts with your Life Purpose giving you ultimate direction and connects it with your goals and project to ensure you have alignment. You journal in 4me2realize to keep on track with your goals, projects and Life Purpose. The links between each ensure you have congruence.

Imagine being able to see your life on a page? Knowing exactly where you are with every area of your life. Know what you need to do next? What will be most effective? What you can drop and what you need to focus on? Imagine a system that made it clear, simple and easy to see your progress? And Fun? 4me2realize can do this because it is an integrated, interactive database online. The technology is truly powerful. It empowers YOU.

Here is our demo of Life on a Page. (Click to zoom)

As you journal, 4me2realize collects statistics that will help you “check in” on your life balance and behaviour. It helps you see what actions, behaviour and thoughts serve you and what doesn’t. Armed with this clarity, you are empowered to make the changes in your life that need to happen so you can realize your fullest potential.  It’s like a life coach in your pocket. It is always available, even on your iphone or blackberry.

You set what behaviour, character, beliefs and values you want in your life. You decide who you want to be, what motivates you and what slows you down. You record this in 4me2realize and once set up you start to track what you “do” against what you want to “be”. Are you a “human doing” or a “human being?” Of course, we need both! But too much “doing” is de-motivating. This is a common reason why goal setting fails.

Imagine being able to get clarity in this area of your life? 4me2realize allows you to gently analyse your own behaviour and make the appropriate adjustments at whatever pace suits you. You decide.

4me2realize asks you to set up a few and then helps you live by these principles. As you journal, 4me2realize asks you, “Where you who you needed to be?” A quick click compiles the statistics so you get a complete picture.

(Click to zoom)

You see most goal setting systems just concentrate on what you must do. 4me2realize looks at what will motivate you and what will slow you down. You get into the nitty gritty to really help you achieve not just goals but a magnificent life, whatever that means to you. And that means looking at you in detail and helping you work out what makes you tick.

Most goal setting systems are just a glorified list, not 4me2realize. The difference is the integrated journal. You can journal on anything. You can also connect your entries to specific goals and projects. This is powerful, because you can track your progress, whether it is emotional mastery or your tax return, 4me2realize journal allows you to see clearly what goals are happening and what’s not.

Then you review, dropping what’s not important and focusing on what is true for you. This is a big life de-clutter exercise as you see the pointless fall away and the meaningful gains focus. For those of us that do too much… this is a huge revelation and stress reducer.

The other benefit over traditional journaling is that you can view in chronological or goal order. This gives you great feedback on progress. As you journal, your progress is automatically compiled against the goal and project. This is very neat when you work on long term goals because every day you can see how the little things add up to create the big picture, your magnificent life.

Now you have created a Life Purpose, aligned with Goals & Project and you are journaling against them to keep on track, how do you remember stuff?

The reminder system uses email and SMS to make sure you never forget what’s important.

On every goal and project a reminder can be set, you can even send them randomly so you never get in the habit of ignoring them!

There are many more great benefits in using 4me2realize. The best way is to give it a go.