• How to create your life purpose
  • Realize your dreams
  • The Anti-Chaos shopping System
  • Why goal setting fails

Half and hour is all it takes to watch these bite sized tutorials
Learn how to use 4me2realize in less than your lunch hour with five quick and easy 5 minute video tours. Step by step instructions, showing screens, buttons, menus, progression and explanations, provide you with the “know how” and reasons why. At the end you will know how to use 4me2realize as your complete life management system.

Tutorial #1 – Getting Around – 5 minutes
Learn the navigation basics, login, menus, tabs, short cuts and commands. Find the manual and how to download or print.

Tutorial #2 – Who R U ? Your Life Purpose and Identity – 5 minutes
Learn why the foundation stones of creating life on your terms is your Life Purpose and Core Identity. Why it’s critical to first set this up and fantastic resources to help…. How to create the person you want to be while staying true to yourself….identifying your core identity, values, characteristics and beliefs. Enter your Life Purpose and Identity. A satisfying journey of self discovery, but this is only the beginning…..

Tutorial #3 – Overview of “DO” – Aligning Goals and Projects – 5 minutes
Discover what incongruence is and why it’s a goal neutralizer and how to avoid it. Using 4me2realize find out how to create alignment between Life Purpose, Goal and Projects so achievement is easier. Create your very own Life Balance categories, goals and projects. Learn about Big Hairy Audacious goals and why you need them. The difference between goals and projects. Why contribution is critical to your happiness. When to reassess goals… How your Core Identity will influence your achievements.

Tutorial #4 – Journaling – 5 minutes
Learn how to use the most powerful contemplative tool ever invented. How technology adds rocket boosters to your reflection and how it will accelerate your achievements. How to stop your agenda being stolen. How to recognize and change behavior patterns that don’t serve you. Where to view the statistics for the ruthless reality on how you really behave, think and act..using your power questions to drop emotional baggage. How to stay focused on what you want, making manifesting easier…The empowerment of seeing the small acts adding up to big achievements in either chronological or goal groups. How to create your own inspiring reference of magic moments and wisdom. How to get the truth on your Life Balance. -

Tutorial #5 – Progress and Reminders – 5 minutes
Discover your life on a page to review progress at a glance. Critical statistics for feedback and adjustment. See how 4me2realize links what you do with what you want and shows you when there’s a mismatch. Your pocket drill sergeant – the very powerful reminders make it happen in you life. How reminders can be random, feral and catch you out. Using reminders to create awareness. Using reminders to inspire gratitude and entrench learned lessons.

Tutorial #6 – Refinement and BONUS Extra Time Savers– 5 minutes

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